Outsourcing Live Chat Service : Why Is It Better?

In order to boost the chances of getting more people to stay longer on a website and eventually make a purchase, a business website needs to have a live chat service. The point at issue here is how a company can actualize this website feature that is both results-oriented and cost-effective. The best solution is to outsource this service to a partner company that is equipped with experience in a solid customer service. Enumerated below are three of the top reasons why it is better to outsource live chat service.

1. It is not an expense, but an investment.

live chat serviceThe highest amount of money spent by a lot of businesses usually goes to the cost of employees. These expenses are not limited to salaries and wages. They also include recruitment cost, employment benefits, office space, office equipment, and more. Outsourcing companies concentrate on the live chat service. This enables the businesses to focus on other essential elements, such as their main product, the outcomes from chat, and the process of defining what kind of experience they want the prospects to have.

Live chat yields instant returns. Contingent upon the service or product’s profit margin, it can even settle payment for itself in just a couple of successful live chats. Indeed, the amount to be paid for outsourcing this chat service must not be looked at as an expense; instead, it should be perceived as an investment.

2. It provides specialized live chat agents.

By outsourcing a partner for this service, businesses can count on commitment to and specialization on this specific function. Not like in call centers where the representatives may take a call, reply to email messages and other related tasks, an outsourced team is normally dedicated to taking chat messages only. This enables the rep to be adept in the field of chat service.

What could be worse than the lack of live chat service on an internet site? That is having one, but no agent readily available to respond each time a guest needs support. When this happens, most shoppers will merely leave the website and proceed somewhere else. Outsourcing this type of online service to a partner will make certain that all visitors will be attended to. This answering service constantly has a staff available round the clock with agents capable of taking several chats at the same time.

3. Live chat operators are not only customer support representatives.

Despite the fact that there will likely be commonalities between these two, being an excellent customer support representative does not necessarily follow that one can be an excellent live chat operator as well. In a lot of call center companies, the software system is created for the reps perform only little typing in order to cut back average handling time. Communication is certainly verbal, making it clear to see and understand what the customer actually needs and simple to convey a helpful and an amicable tone.

In live chat service, on the other hand, communication is entirely dealt with through typing. Hence, it is a must for the chat operated to have the ability to type quickly, utilize correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. They need to carry this out whilst satisfying guest’s needs, demonstrating a friendly tone and doing it all quickly. The majority of the queries is common and could easily be predicted. This is why frequently asked questions are essential to guide the teams in assisting visitors.

ApexChat will develop a custom script (set of canned responses) of live chat service that will be used by our agents to conduct chats on your behalf.

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SEO Service Basics

You or your organization can obtain the best business website by partnering with a reliable SEO service provider. However, if no one can view this site, all your efforts will be wasted. Most likely, the people who show much interest in what you currently do and what you have to offer will use a legitimate search engine so they can look for the sites that they need to visit. This article will present you with some of the best ways that you can improve the position of your business site in the major search engine results. In the long run, this can help maximize your search engine optimization potential.

Client Preview

One of the most important SEO concepts is the fact that you have to understand that the major search engines can continuously aid in providing the visitors with a pleasant browsing experience. According to their online experience, they can gauge the performance of the site by ranking your business site based on how accurately their subject of interest matches with your site’s contents. Through the SEO service, they can even trace how the visitors can utilize the website. Based from those pieces of information, you may downgrade or upgrade your current position.


SEO serviceAside from these, you have to decide if you want to improve the current search engine position of your site by either improving your official site or advertising it. In most cases, doing both of these can be better. Depending on the SEO service that you will use to start off paid advertising for your site, the business website will most likely appear to the visitors who have shown great interest for your website contents. If this does not take place within the expected period, you can make the necessary modifications to your site so you can make it more accessible for the legitimate search engines. Eventually, this can result in search engine result ranking.


If you do not have any idea on how to make SEO work for you, you may need to consider hiring a consultant or an engineer. They can assist you with the construction of the main site if you still do not have one for your online business. In case you already have at least one official site, you may then ask them to help you with updates for the contents as well as the overall appearance of the website. You may base the changes that you plan to create on the feedback that your clients and your affiliates have given.

Other Considerations

You should also understand from the outset of the current business situation that there may be no way that you will be guaranteed a major position on a popular search engine. Some of the search engine optimization companies may promise you that they can influence the other search engines so you can observe great improvements for the current ranking of your website when it comes to the results. However, this improvement can only take place if you create and publicize a better site on a legitimate search engine. Aside from that, you have to regularly check if the contents of your site are highly relevant to what you really want to target in the first place. Doing this will help you gain more user traffic for your site.

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Planning the Online Meeting

Who says holding an online meeting is a breeze? It may seem that a successful Web meeting you have attended in the past was easily staged. Perhaps, the organizers were just effective in their collective tasks. Organizing and facilitating one is definitely not an easy project. That is why ample and careful preparation is needed to do it successfully.

You could not possibly go on to organize and hold an online meeting without proper and effective planning. Planning is a very important aspect in the preparation stage for the event. This is the part where you should get into details, details, and more details. If you want to stage a good one, you should exert enough effort in the planning stage.

Before planning, identify the actual nature of the online meeting you are planning to facilitate. It would be helpful if you would pause for a while to ponder about the following initial questions to think about:

online meeting Who would you address in it?
Who would likely attend it?
Is it going to be industry-wide, regional, or community-wide?
For how long would it last?
What scope would be covered?
Do you have necessary resources to hold an online meeting?

It would help if you would draw information (as well as inspiration) from a recently held online meeting you have attended. You could have observed how it was set up successfully and without any unnecessary hassle. If it would be your first time to organize and facilitate one, try to duplicate the efforts exhibited by other organizers.

At this stage, you might be asking yourself, “Why is it ideal to look back at another online meeting?” The answer to that is quite simple. Doing so could give you more ideas, tips, and hints on almost all aspects of organizing such an activity. As always, you could learn so much from the experiences of others, especially when it comes to organizing and holding a similar one.

Aside from that, it would also help if other relevant and helpful ideas and suggestions could be solicited from other individuals through brainstorming. Gather suggestions and ideas, which you could further discuss and consider as you proceed to the preparation stage. As much as possible, do not ‘copy and paste’ the frames of other Web meetings.

At this stage, it would help if you would treat the online meeting as a challenge. Do not give up on it. Take the resolve to try new things, improve on others’ experiences, and aim to be a little more entertaining so you could get your potential attendees informed, satisfied, amused, and pleased. The online meeting need not be boring. With proper planning, you could implement creative strategies to make it more exciting and engaging.

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The Right JDE Implementation Methodology

JD Edwards Enterprise One and JD Edwards World, the only two remaining JD Edwards ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software programs from Oracle Corporation, need proper implementation if they are to give you value for money. JDE implementation should be led by an expert. The team will comprise of, among others, a project manager, business analysts, software developers (programmers), and system/CNC administration.

Note that there is no generic recipe for project implementation since different organizations have different needs. There are several phases that should be included in whichever methodology you adopt.

The first phase of the implementation methodology is project scope, which means a determination of the objectives the organization intends to achieve. You should quantify and quality objectives whenever possible and they should preferably be in metrics. Without clear objectives, it is very difficult to measure the success of the implementation. Goals can be operational (such as reduce the inventory of finished goods by X %), strategic (such as increase partner interoperability), or technological.

The next phase is JDE implementation is project management. You will need a project manager and a project management team under him/her for this. The team should address, understand and integrate the three constant of ERP implementation namely people, processes and technology. In the team should be a JDE consultancy for the actual setting up and training and an upper management team for strategic validation and orientation. There should be strategic power users drawn from the organization’s strategic units. This team will serve as the source of operation knowledge during the implementation process.

After this comes the actual project planning. The planning should include major milestones, which should then be exploded into sub-activities. Do not forget the critical path when planning. Consider using the JDE solution Explorer, a powerful configuration tool. Bring data out as soon as possible since it is only after seeing real data that most end users ‘jump in’. Ensure that the data has high integrity since it is not easy to re-synchronize corrupt databases.

You should adapt, not change, during JDE implementation. This is because changes in application code make upgrades, support, and software updates more costly and complex. Consider taking the members of your team to a JDE boot camp. Avoid the temptation of hosting the application and database yourself. The hosting service you choose should store your data in different locations in case of a mishap. The last JDE implementation phase is testing.

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Bringing Down The Threat Of Mold Using The Best Dehumidifiers

Living near a natural body of water may seem like a good idea, until you find out that you actually built your house in a flood-prone area. If you suffer from minimal flooding during the rainy season, even if only a small amount of water got inside your home, it can still do a lot of damage because it can promote the growth and spread of harmful mold. If you want to save your home from expensive repairs and also prevent your family from the health risks brought about by mold, then you need to invest in the best dehumidifiers for your home.

best dehumidifiersYou do not only have to worry about the damage that the flood waters can do to your house, there is still a risk of damage even after the flood waters have subsided. Because of the water that got into the house, the air inside becomes very humid, and this is the condition that mold actually loves; this is the reason why you see a lot of mold grow long after the flood subsides.

Mold does not just grow when flood waters get into your house, they can still survive and propagate if the moisture level in the air is high enough. So even in the summer when the air is hot and heavy with humidity, mold can actually grow in the many nooks and crannies in the house. And, if these mold infestations are left unchecked, they can compromise the structural integrity of the house. So, if you live in a particularly humid area, not necessarily in a flood-prone place, you need to place a couple of the best dehumidifiers that you can afford in several areas around the house.

The best dehumidifiers work by taking out the excess moisture from the air, bringing down the humidity into a comfortable 50 percent or less depending on how you set the machines. By considerably bringing down the amount of water in the air, you can effectively kill any mold spores that are floating around.  Some of the best dehumidifiers have very fine filters that scrub the air and remove any harmful pathogens to make the air in the house safer to breathe.

So if you live in a flood-prone area, you may want to consider investing in a couple of units of the best dehumidifiers that you can find in the market today. Though these things may be a bit on the expensive side, they do help prevent your house from getting infested with mold. Not only are these microscopic organisms a threat to the structure of your home, they also pose a huge health risk to your family; so consider these dehumidifiers an investment to make your family healthier and happier.

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Keeping Your Cool at Home with a Misting System

Having a broken air conditioner in the middle of a hot, summer afternoon is enough to lose your cool. Experiencing this at your own home will surely make you rush out to the nearby mall for some cool, relaxing feeling. Thank God we have smart people around since the Persian era; the miraculous concept of evaporative cooling was put to home use in the form of a misting system.

Evaporative cooling, (well, get ready to be geeky) uses the principle of enthalpy of vaporization. When water evaporates, that is, transforms from liquid to vapor phase, heat from the surrounding is used, and cool, temperature drop-down as low as 20°C, results. This is the process that is taken advantage by a misting system. With just a water source as a major factor to consider, this alternative can be less complex and costly compared to the refrigeration process of a regular air conditioner.

misting systemSo how cool is a misting system? Can it really make your home and your head cool in a special, hot and humid day? Well, sure it can. A misting system cools a specific area by pumping water through a micro-holed brass or stainless steel nozzle to produce the same micro-sized water droplets in the form of a mist. These droplets are too small a size that they can immediately evaporate in flash. This is known as flash evaporation, a process that happens too fast and produces a cooling effect.

The micro size of the water droplets makes it easy to be evaporated by the actual hot temperature in the environment, therefore eliminating the worry of feeling the wet drops landing in your skin. The whole process pushes the hot air out, and traps the resulting cold air in. Imagine being in the middle of it, it’s like being in an oasis in the middle of a desert. That’s misting system for you.

A misting system is largely affected by the existent temperature and humidity in an area. In a hot, humid day, the flash vaporization may be not as effective. A more humid environment does not promote evaporation in a misting system. Let’s consider perspiration for example. In a hot, humid environment, sweat does not evaporate and cool you down – it accumulates in the skin and makes you feel sticky and uncomfortable. So it’s very important to be smart when choosing a misting system to be installed in your home.

First things first, you must consider where to install the misting system and for what. Is it for your patio, so that you and your important guests will not feel the heat and humidity of the season? Is it for your room? Is it to make your garden or veggie crops fresh and comfortable? Is it to ensure a longer shelf life for your products locked in a warehouse?

The place to be installed with and the things and/or people that will be affected must be the first factors to be considered in choosing a misting system over any other cooling alternatives, as well as picking the best design and type of misting system to be put or installed on your home, even on your factory or office. For more information, you can look in the net for helpful websites like Auramist.com, or you can contact experts in this field, just to make sure you’re doing the right thing.

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Making a Choice Between SEO Companies

FMost businesses have websites these days to reach out to potential online customers. However, simply having a website and appearing on the eighth page of search listings will not enable you to increase the profits of your business. Most internet users will simply peruse through first page rankings to find what they are looking for and if they do not, they switch up their search key words. As such, ensuring that your website appears on this first page is necessary. This is why it is advisable to seek the services of SEO companies.

FSince this is a booming business, you will find that there are numerous companies to choose from. Making a decision may seem daunting especially if you do not know what to look for in a reputable company. Here are some of the considerations you can keep in mind when making a choice of SEO companies.

  • Find out about the reputation of the company that you are considering. Reputation is not something that is built overnight. Rather it is cultivated of years of offering great service to satisfied customers. So how do you check the reputation of the company that you are considering? A good place to start would be with the company’s portfolio. This will give you an idea of what it has been doing and whether or not it will be able to deliver what you need. Another way of approaching this would be to contact the companies that it has worked with before and enquire on whether they were satisfied with the services that were rendered to them.
  • Writing-SEO-Friendly-Content-imageFCommunication skills. This is pertinent when it comes to search engine optimization. Different websites will have different needs. The SEO companies that you are considering should be able to understand what you expect of them as well as the specific needs of your online business. Conducting interviews with the different companies that you are considering is a good idea as this is will give you some insight as to how they communicate with their clients.
  • FReports. When it comes to search engine optimization, it is not simply about briefing the SEO companies about what you want and then waiting for results. You need to be able to track the progress of the work they are putting into the optimization of your website so that you can have an idea on whether or not they are delivering the best results. The best way of doing this is through reports. By monitoring how your website is performing in the search engines and paying attention to your profit margins, you will be better placed at deciding whether the SEO methods are working for you.
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